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Our Market

Battery energy storage is a booming market.

The energy transition to solar and wind generation requires an enormous amount of energy storage in the form of batteries. 

Volstora is uniquely positioned to offer longer lifetime systems and gain market share. 

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Our Team

An Experienced Team

Volstora Shareholders

The company is privately held by three professional investors and several executives with experience in running divisions within American Tower, Sunrun, Navus, etc. Our investors recognized the potential disruption of Volstora and provided sound advice and governance to the company.

Volstora shareholders recognize not only the climate challenges and race to sustainable energy but also value the ambition and passion of the participating team. For more information on the company structure and joining the Volstora journey please reach us at

Company Type: Besloten Vennootschap

Company Number: 82480664

Founded: 6 April 2021

RSIN: 862487109

Universal Entity Code: 5400-7140-0356-4688

Last Updated: Monday, April 12, 2021 11:33:10 PM UTC

Official Address: Leemansweg 7, 6827BX, Arnhem