Accessible energy on-demand @@anywhere@@for anyone

Grid congestion, reducing carbon emissions and enabling fast charging.

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End-to-end energy storage made from cell-to-system.

We offer advanced battery technology integrated in containerized systems, coupled with real-time insights on peak shaving and energy trading, alongside maintenance and monitoring services.



Advanced battery technology & containerized systems integration.

Volstora Monitoring and System


Realtime monitoring & advanced automation for peak shaving and energy trading.



Post-installation maintenance and service from our team of qualified engineers.

why volstora

Accessible energy solutions

End-to-end solution

From system production to installation, we are in the privileged position to provide end-to-end accessible energy solutions. With our complete solutions, not only can we integrate all components but also give our customers peace of mind by eliminating their need to engage with multiple vendors.

Credibility & transparency

Manufacturing our containerized systems in-house and locally builds trust with customers, while ensuring prompt support. We adhere to guidelines such as PGS 371, building more trust and credibility over the safety of our systems. Additionally, our upfront pricing emphasizes our cost-effectiveness in a transparent manner.

Non-negotiable quality

The quality of our solutions is not for debate. Driven by a passion for constant innovation, we ensure that our products not only last long, but are also sustainable, reliable, safe, and equipped with the latest technologies for top-tier performance. The modularity of our containerized systems allows for scalability, while they are customized from cell-to-system, tailored to serve the unique needs of each customer.

In-depth knowledge & expertise

With extensive backgrounds in research and development, our team consists of industry experts with deep technical knowledge. Our understanding of the energy sector allows us to act as trusted advisors, assisting our customers at every stage of their journey. They can depend on us for technical support.

our technology

100% custom battery technology

Volstora SuperStorage

Fully customizable energy storage for each customer’s unique energy needs. 

Volstora Gridboost - small but powerful energy storage system
Volstora powerful energy storage 10ft sea container
Volstora 40ft energy storage system container

We are future-proofing energy

Get free access to our whitepaper outlining Energy trends and Legislative changes in the Netherlands in 2024.


What Others Say

Feedback from our partners and customers: 

We have no doubts about the capabilities of the product or the team behind Volstora.

    ~Major solar developer


    I cannot stress enough how the lifetime and innovation on storage of Volstora is a breath of fresh air in a saturated market.

      ~Project Developer

      South Africa

      Our system worked at full power during the latest heatwave. Hugely impressed with the system's capabilities, even under tough conditions!

        ~Major tower operator


        The team's dedication to quality and innovation sets them apart. Couldn't be happier with the service we received!

          ~Project Manager


          The team's dedication to quality and innovation sets them apart. Couldn't be happier with the service we received!

            ~ Lead project manager