About Us

Cell-to-system energy storage

Volstora is an OEM of energy storage systems. We engineer and build each system starting with our advanced battery technology.  

We specialize in building cell-to-system custom systems, each system, is engineered and tailored to your specific energy needs. We are empowering businesses to achieve greater energy independence by making energy accessible through our systems. 

Our Mission

At Volstora, our mission is to deliver reliable, customized energy storage solutions that empower businesses to conquer grid congestion.

Our Vision

We strive to be an EU leader in energy storage building and battery technology innovation, transforming how energy is stored and used to create a more sustainable future.

Why Choose Us

not Just another retail seller

We are building a different kind of battery energy storage system free from planned obsolescence and throw-away mentality. 

Volstora Mentality

Our products are uniquely designed to fit our vision of what energy storage should be.

Certified Engineers

Our team have qualified and experienced engineers in renewables.

Save Your Money

The basis of every project is in bankability through sustainable and future-proof technology.

Free Consultation

We offer a free first meeting and consultation to investigate your energy storage needs.

Free Initial Consultation

Our first consultation will provide definitive answers to your energy storage requirements. 

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