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We develop and build energy storage systems using our proprietary cell to system production process, helping businesses achieve grid independence.  

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the need for energy storage

Energy Transformation

The transition to renewable energy generation requires battery storage to overcome grid issues and maximize grid independence. However, traditional energy storage struggles to match expectations with real-world demands and obsolescence. 

Volstora designs and builds leading energy storage systems from cell to system, tailored to the quick-paced needs that match the energy demands of any business.

Volstora finds the balance across the electricity energy value chain to de-risk renewable energy investment. 

Our systems accomplish renewable ambitions by being safe, reliable, and practical.   

Duan van t Slot– Founder, CEO & CTO

Why Choose Us

Dedicated to Complete solutions.

Our energy storage infrastructure is built completely in-house in the Netherlands.  

We ensure that our distributors and customers are proud to have a market-leading system with future-proof technology and an insightful monitoring platform to navigate the ever-changing landscape of electricity and renewable energy. 

We offer turn-key solutions, including after-installation maintenance services. 

Our process

Our cell to system process

Each system build starts with a single cell. 

Our Range


Our core focus lies in containerized autonomous systems from a minimum of 180kWh up to arrays of several MWh. 

Volstora SuperTitan battery module


Individual or battery banks designed for any purpose.

volstora energy storage container


We build self-contained units fully transportable and weatherproof.

Volstora - energy storage as a service


We work with EPC partners to deliver on projects that require specialized construction, logistics, and operation.


Replicable Case Studies

Volstora has over 20MWh of active energy storage systems in the field and case studies available to consider. 

Remote Power

Remote Power

Off-grid, backup, and diesel displacement

Batteries provide silent and reliable power for remote locations while reducing or eliminating diesel generator use.



Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles and fleet electrification are ideal in combination with energy storage to lower peak demand and increase self-consumption of renewables.



Investment or lease

Your business can lower operational costs and optimally utilize tax benefits, subsidies, lower carbon taxes, and meet green and sustainability goals.

Utility Scale

Utility Scale


Utilize several aspects of energy storage orientated towards grid and utility services such as transmission deferral or frequency regulation.

Partners and Associations

We are part of the global renewable energy community.


What Others Say

Feedback from our partners and customers: 

We have no doubts about the capabilities of the product or the team behind Volstora.

    ~Major solar developer


    I cannot stress enough how the lifetime and innovation on storage of Volstora is a breath of fresh air in a saturated market.

      ~Project Developer

      South Africa

      Our system worked at full power during the latest heatwave. Hugely impressed with the system's capabilities, even under tough conditions!

        ~Major tower operator


        The team's dedication to quality and innovation sets them apart. Couldn't be happier with the service we received!

          ~Project Manager


          The team's dedication to quality and innovation sets them apart. Couldn't be happier with the service we received!

            ~ Lead project manager