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We have a mission to build our products to be beautifully simple yet efficient. Volstora is building a brand that customers will recognize and cherish in the journey to a truly sustainable future. 

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Flexible Energy Storage

Our pricing is dependent on material prices and costs of shipping among other factors. These prices are indicative only.

Volstora SuperStrata battery module

SuperStrata© 7.5kWh*

High-density and economical battery with good safety and recyclability.

Lifetime cost: ~€0.11/kWh

Volstora SuperTitan LTO battery module

SuperTitan© 2.5kWh

Proven lithium titanium storage with the lowest cost of energy.

Lifetime cost: ~€0.044/kWh

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Being our Best

Our future needs permanent batteries.

Batteries are a substantial investment and so to be economically sustainable it has to match the 20+ year lifetimes of solar panels. 

Cell chemistry is the single greatest factor in energy storage degradation, lifetime, and performance. 

However a cell by itself is unusable and that is where Volstora has done the complex engineering in battery pack materials, cooling, electronics, software, and monitoring to make storage a renewable investment. 

Be sure to read our Blog section for some secrets of storage covering topics such as:

  1. Why more than 75% of batteries fail (!). 
  2. Why no battery pack will ever reach tested cell lifetime. 
  3. How to fake a battery lifetime test. 
  4. Recycled EV batteries are a ticking time-bomb. 
  5. How to write a battery warranty that won’t ever be claimed. 
  6. Writing a realistic business case for battery energy storage. 


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